Calling all Alumni

October 13, 2009Gail Walton • Categories: Choir News

This year, due to the fact that fall break begins and ends with home games (USC and Boston College), I would like to invite alumni that are visiting campus to join the current members of the Liturgical Choir in the loft on Sunday morning. We’ll begin with a rehearsal in 329 Coleman-Morse at 8:30 and then walk to the Basilica, robe and sing at 10:00 a.m. On Sunday, October 18, we will sing the Tallis A New Commandment and Tallis Verily, verily. On October 25, we will sing the Howells All My Hope on God is Founded and the well-loved chant Adoro te. All Liturgical Choir alumni are encouraged to get up and start Sunday the way you did while you were here. . .we’d love to hear you again! If you want to look at the music before Sunday, email me ( for an electronic copy of the music.

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