Ave Maria


Ave Maria is the fifth CD of the Liturgical Choir’s collection of recordings. This collection includes Marian hymns and pieces dating from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. It also features the Notre Dame Women’s Liturgical Choir and Basilica Schola.

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Sample: (Opening) Track 19, Ave Maria—T.L. de Victoria


Basilica Schola
Regina Coeli Laetare – Orlando di Lasso
Salve Regina – Franc Poulenc
Hymne a la Vierge – Pierre Villette
I Beheld Her Beautiful as a Dove – Healy Willan
Fair in Face – Healy Willan

Women’s Liturgical Choir
Alma Redemptoris Mater – plainchant, Mode V
Alma Redemptoris Mater, Op 171, No. 2a – Josef Rheinberger
Regina Coeli Laetare – plainchant Mode IV
Regina Coeli Laetare, Op. 96, No. 1 – Josef Rheinberger
Ave Regina Coelorum – plainchant, Mode IV
Ave Regina Coelorum, Op. 171, No. 6 – Joseph Rheinberger
Salve Regina – plainchant, Mode V
Salve Regina, Op. 171, No. 3 – Josef Rheinberger
Sing of Mary – Pleading Savior

Liturgical Choir
Immaculate Mary – Lourdes hymn
Magnificat – Jerusalem
Ave Maria – Robert Parsons
Stabat Mater – G. P. da Palestrina
Ave Maria – T. L. de Victoria
Notre Dame, Our Mother – Casasanta/O’Donnell, CSC
Hail, Holy Queen – Salve Regina Coelorum Descant – R. Hobby